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Lamb of God: As the Palaces Burn

Ten years ago, one of the most influential metal albums of the new millennium was released. As the Palaces Burn was the breakout album for the hardcore metal band Lamb of God. Its critical and commercial success would trigger the resurgence of dozens of new groove metal bands in the spirit of Pantera on the underground metal scene.

This album, held dearly by fans, has been re-released with a new, digitally re-mastered mix. Along with the album re-release, the band has issued a documentary reliving the pains and the…well, really just the pains of making the album. What other environment could foster such a creative album full of so much anger and frustration?

Lucky for us, their pain is our pleasure, because what was forged in that studio became an instant classic among metal-heads everywhere. From Randy Blythe’s late-night drunken vocal takes, to a slaughtered final mix, Murphy’s Law reared its ugly head in full force on the production of this album. But at the end of the day it’s hard to argue with great songwriting and musicianship. And regardless of the record’s shortcomings in fidelity, fans clung to its message and musical integrity. After all, isn’t that what really makes a great record?

Fans of the band who understand the importance of this album would be remiss to skip this first-hand documentation of the creative process of As the Palaces Burn. The same goes for non-metal fans, who can appreciate the sweat, blood, and lack of sleep that goes into the creation of an album. Metal-heads that have longed for their favorite album to be sonically dissected and revered, the same way the Classic Album series does so well, need look no further than this Lamb of God film.

Purchase As the Palaces Burn (10th Anniversary Edition) HERE on iTunes.  And watch the documentary below.

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