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Soulive are the heirs to the organ trio tradition of Jimmy Smith, Richard "Groove" Holmes, and Reuben Wilson. Eric Krasno's contemplative guitar figures set up washes of blissful organ, which descend from the heavens through the supple fingers of Neal Evans, easing your mind with earth-bound transmissions of pure soul as Alan Evans keeps the groove going on drums. Compositions progress through multiple sections, each with its own simple, catchy melody or break, sometimes repeated until it becomes a ritual; you're satisfied in knowing exactly what's going to come next. The band's improvisations are firmly blues-rooted but branch out into some clever Bop alterations without losing their sense of melody. Krasno's soulful, fluid lines give way to funky, itchy figures well behind the beat, as Evans' organ drones its way deep into your subconscious or noisily states its purpose with Leslie-drenched squeals. These are some of the deepest soul jazz grooves going today.

Soulive Concert Films

  • Bowlive: Live at the Brooklyn Bowl


    Year: 2010

    Runtime: 2 hr 12 min

    In March of 2010, the members of Soulive hauled their instruments through the doors of a newly-opened warehouse-turned-music venue in Brooklyn that they would call home for the next two weeks. Eric Krasno, Alan Evans and Neal Evans called on a multitude of their closest friends and musical conspirators to join them over the next fortnight - creating an incredibly broad guest lineup that included some of the pre-eminent guitar virtuosos of our generation (Derek Trucks, Warren Haynes), some of the biggest names in hip-hop (Questlove, Rahzel), and some of the most inventive improvisational players in modern rock n' roll (Robert Randolph, Marco Benevento, Oteil & Kofi Burbridge). The Brooklyn Bowl quickly became the mecca for these very distinct yet like-minded musicians, where they returned night after night, donning the dress code for good times (bowling shoes) and sharing famous Blue Ribbon fried chicken. The common thread that tied together all these disparate ingredients quickly became palpable -- from the transcendental heartfelt improvisations onstage to the homey & playful atmosphere provided by the bowling alley, the Soulive residency was like nothing that had come before it because all of those diverse elements fused to ultimately bring the Soul to Brooklyn Bowl.

Soulive Top Tracks

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